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Jason Alexander

Co-Founder, Alexander Technology Group

High School Name: Pinkerton Academy (Derry, NH)

I was most influenced by marketing, drafting, and English composition.

Keene State College, Keene, NH – Bachelor's of Science

I majored in Occupational Safety. This major was appealing to me because it the most direct and practical experience of any major area of study at the time. Though this is not my current area of business, the presentation and interactive experience it gave me has been critical throughout my career.

I began thinking about college at a very young age (although the interest was more sports-related). I began more to be more serious though mid-way through high school.

My parents were my primary supporters/drivers but there were a number of teachers that inspired me as well.

I was very challenged by not knowing what I wanted to do in my career. Like many, I have gotten a great deal of value from my education despite not doing business in my field of study.

Aside of the “occassional party”, I'd probably say college taught me about personal accountability and responsibility.

I attend an annual alumni gathering and donate to various funds.

Managing a College-Pro Painting franchise.

General Manager at the Ground Round.

I'd tell him/her that life is easier with a college degree. It is also a different kind of education. Many high-school students don't realize they have a choice in their collegiate learning path and that's a valuable freedom to someone at that age.

College will give you the opportunity to think independently and, for many, create true identity for the first time. Regardless of your field of study, employers want mature graduates who can operate with minimal instruction. College graduates have a leg up in this regard.

I would offer two pieces of advice. First, don't think too much. Choosing a major isn't a permanent decision. Trust your instincts. Secondly, follow your passion. Choose a field of study that interests you personally and avoid selecting a major because of the prospect of a high-paying job or because it's what your parent(s) did.

Realize how incredibly valuable you are. Employers WANT to hire you. Believe in yourself, show your confidence, and demonstrate your passions. You'll find job offers won't be too hard to come by.