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Heidi Copeland

Publisher, Business NH Magazine

High School Name: Milford Area High School (Milford, NH)

Algebra. I flunked it in 8th grade and was devastated. I'd always been an "A" student. But I worked really hard, took the class again in ninth grade and aced it in year two. That taught me a lot about what hard work can accomplish when things don't come easily.

University of Southern California and I graduated from the Annenberg School for Communications at USC in 1978 with a Bachelor's of Arts degree.

Journalism. I had always wanted to write from as far back as I can remember because I knew how books and magazines expanded my horizons.

When a friend in sixth grade mentioned college and I asked "what's that?" I was the first person in my family to ever attend college.

My grandparents sent me a dollar or two once a month so I could go out and buy a candy bar. They were so incredibly proud of me.

Money. I worked 30 to 35 hours per week and was constantly exhausted. I never got to be the party student.

I was exposed to so many people and ideas. I learned that I loved learning.

Unfortunately, no. Because of my work schedule I made very few friends.

Selling flowers by the side of the road between freshman and sophomore year. I read so many great books and caught a tan!

I was a police reporter, food editor (on Wednesdays), and feature writer for the Burbank Daily Review in Burbank, California. I got the job two months after graduation.

If you love to write, get a journalism degree. Providing information never goes out of style and there are always great stories to tell.

Ambitious? Then get in the game. Don't worry about landing the perfect job. It doesn't exist. Just take a job (any job) and develop mad skills. That's how you really move up the ladder.