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Christopher R. Mulleavey, P.E.

President & CEO, Hoyle Tanner & Associates, Inc.

High School Name: Linwood High School (Lincoln, NH)

I actually liked them all, but would have to say that Science was most influential.

I attended White Mountains Community College (known then as NHVTC – Berlin) where I received an Associate Degree in Surveying Technology. I also attended New England College in Henniker, NH where I received my Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.

After graduating with my Associate degree, I was employed as a surveyor with CLD consulting engineers in Manchester, NH. After several years working there, the economy was not in great shape and I left to work for a large construction company as an assistant superintendent. It was at that job that I had the opportunity to work with engineers from the State of Vermont. Working with them helped me get inspired to be an engineer. So, I went to New England College to pursue a degree in engineering. My degree absolutely gave me the foundation to do well in the field of engineering.

I started to think about college during my senior year in High School. I had taken mostly college prep courses because, frankly, that's what my friends were taking. But, I had intended to go into the military since that had been the route most of my family had taken.

I would have to say my Father. I remember telling him that I was planning on going in a different direction but he lightheartedly said I was "half smart" and should try college. My parents and family were very supportive.

The greatest challenge I faced was affording the tuition. I was the one paying for college and sometimes it made for a tough balance between school, work and play.

You are responsible for your decisions - the good and the bad. Make the most out of the opportunities presented to you.

Sadly, not many. New England College has since ended the engineering program. However, I do get together often with classmates.

I began working at the ripe old age of 10! I was a busboy at my family’s restaurant in Lincoln, NH.

I was hired as a land surveyor for an engineering company in Manchester, NH.

Nothing is impossible! The only limits on what you can become are determined by you. Getting a solid education is important. College provides that. But, remember that education will come in many forms. Throughout my life I have had many teachers in – and outside of – the classroom.

College will give you opportunities early and later in your career. Remember that college is like most things in life: you will get out of it what you invest in it.

Try and find subjects that you are passionate about. An ideal major compliments who you are and what you want to pursue in life. There are no wrong choices - just opportunities. Make the most of it!

Learn about the world of work. Try different things that interest you until you find the right fit. Try internships, dress for success, but ALWAYS outwork the competition.