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New Hampshire’s College Application Campaign

Part of a National Campaign

The American College Application Campaign (ACAC) is a national effort to help high school seniors navigate the college admissions process and increase the number of students who submit college applications, with a particular focus on first-generation and low-income students. College and career access professionals volunteer to work with seniors during school time to complete and submit at least one application to a post-secondary program of their choice. All 50 states participate in this national initiative!

New Hampshire’s College Application Campaign is called ApplyNH (formerly I Am College Bound), which the NHHEAF Network proudly facilitates each year.

With You Through Every Step of the Admissions Process

By giving students direct access and support to apply to college or a career preparation program, we provide students the opportunity to be more confident in their application process and will continue to explore all options. While a main focus of this campaign is the first generation college student population, all seniors at participating schools are welcome - regardless of their future plans. This campaign also supports larger state goals of encouraging students to pursue post-secondary education and achieve career success right here in New Hampshire.

For Volunteers

Please note that volunteer registration will open on October 1, 2023. Please contact Cameron Owen (, 603.892.8531) with further questions.